Ruby – Moonridge Hopes Rhea

Otherwise known as Rubes, Rubester, and Ruby-ScoobyDoo, depending on what mum and dad think of in the moment! My best friend is J-J, a male kitten who loves to snuggle and rough and tumble. Mum and dad got him especially for me, and he's only a few weeks younger than me. I pretty much do whatever old Boo cat says as she's a bit grumpy, but she has started to join me on the sofa when mum and dad let me cuddle up on an evening.
We are always up early and I get to hang out with the regular doggie gang at the local park, but my fave place is the beach - Days Bay, Petone, Lyall Bay, Kapiti - I love snoozing in the car on our trips out. In fact I love snoozing and now that I'm bigger I've got my own settee 🙂 I've not quite gone out my depth in the sea, but dad says I'll be a fast swimmer one day with my huge paws. I also get to regularly hang out with a whole pack of doggie friends when mum lets me go to daycare. I love everyone, and apparently I'm the best behaved puppy they've ever had, so I think big mom Hope would be proud. Best of all is just chilling at home, especially joining my mum on her yoga mat. She always lets me stretch out. And dad never tires when I keep bringing my toys to him, so I save him my biggest smiles to make sure he keeps up with the game!

Ruby and Wendy

Ruby with Wendy at 6 weeks old

Ruby and Jed

Rubes with dad Jed the night before she went to her new home

Ruby doing yoga

Rubes the yogi

Ruby asleep with JJ

Rubes and JJ

On the beach

Enjoying the Beach