Mossrose Miss Penelope at Moonridge


dob:  1.10.15

Penny is the daughter of George and was bred by Amber in the Hawkes Bay.  She is a wonderful little dog, a great companion and as most BT’s  – full of life and up for an adventure at the drop of a hat. Penny had a short time in the show ring and did well.  She now prefers to be part of the cheer leading squad enjoying chasing bunnies, beach walks and doing zoomies with the rest of the family.  Penny enjoys having puppies around and is a great role model.

On the smaller side, Penny usually weighs in around 4.7kgs.  She has a lovely Otter-head with a wonderful expression, her pelt is thick with a wirey coat.  She is energetic and keeps up with the Rhodesians when on the chase.  Penny is a real pleasure to have around.



Penny at 3 months

Penny - 3mths

Penny - 5 months

Penny with Molly's pups

Penny herding puppies

Penny puppy-sitting